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Préarrangements funéraires

Pre-planning funeral

You enjoy the peace of mind that comes with an informed decision. You have already discussed your funeral with your loved ones, and you wish to make life easier for them at an already difficult time. The staff at Magnus Poirier can help you at any time and can guide you through the decisions that you will need to make regarding funeral pre-planning or any other funeral product and service.

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Nos complexes funéraires

Our funeral complexes

We understand the importance of this stage of your life, which is why MAGNUS POIRIER has an entire network of warm and multifunctional funeral complexes to serve you.

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Rapatriement international

International repatriation

Do you have to repatriate a loved one to Canada, the United States, Europe, Asia or elsewhere in the world? Magnus Poirier’s knowledgeable advisors take care of it for you.

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Magnus Poirier, the company

Warmth, Listening, Respect

Since 1923, Magnus Poirier has offered a complete and continuously enhanced range of funeral products and services that meet the needs of the ever-evolving Quebec market. Magnus Poirier is committed to assisting you in a highly personalized way regardless of your origins, your beliefs or your habits and customs. A five-generation family-owned Quebec company with a strong presence in its community, Magnus Poirier has been managed by successive generations of the same family, helping to preserve the values it advocates.
At Magnus Poirier, you can count on a warm welcome. Magnus Poirier’s staff is always listening and will advise you one day at a time, guide you and clarify things for you when you need to make decisions at this important stage of life.

Board of directors

Magnus Poirier - Notre équipe

Jacques Poirier, President and CEO and Claude Poirier, Chairman of the Board of Directors

Insured family succession

Magnus Poirier - Notre équipe

From left to right : Geneviève Poirier, Nathalie Poirier, Katherine Poirier Ruel, Mélanie Poirier, Jacques Poirier (president), Benoit Poirier, Isabelle Poirier, Laurence Poirier and Marc-André Poirier. Missing on the picture: Simon Poirier.