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Nos complexes funéraires

Our funeral complexes

We understand the importance of this stage of your life, that is why MAGNUS POIRIER has deployed an entire network of warm and multifunctional Funeral Complexes.


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Conseillers multilingues

Multilingual counsellors

Our counsellors are able to help you in your language. We speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Vietnamese. Call us for immediate assistance at 1-888-727-2847.

Service de navette

Shuttle service

The cemetery offers a free shuttle service  between Montreal and Laval Cemetery three days a week.

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Funeral protocols

The different types of ceremonies

Depending on the disposition of the deceased’s body, several types or ceremony protocols are available to grieving families. Here are some examples:

  • The traditional funeral service:
    Respecting cultural or religious traditions, traditional funerals consist of the presentation of the body in a coffin in a living room, followed by a ceremony in a church and, from there, direction cemetery for burial in earth or crypt.
    Depending on the family, the funeral ceremony can also be celebrated in the chapel of the funeral complex and from there, burial or burial in the cemetery.

  • Traditional funerals followed by cremation.
    Protocol identical to traditional funerals except that the body, after the funeral ceremony will be directed to a crematorium to be cremated. The ashes collected will then be buried or deposited in a niche of Columbarium or handed over to the family who can dispose of them at their convenience.

  • The funeral in the presence of the ashes.
    This type of funeral gives families a lot of latitude in choosing and executing funerals. Refer to the "cremation service" for details.

  • The eco-friendly funeral.
    Discover new funerary rituals such as scattering ashes, planting an urn at the base of a memorial tree, planting tribute trees, biodegradable coffins and urns.

  • Economic ceremony.
    Funerals at lower costs in less crowded time slots that allow a simple but dignified and respectful tribute.

  • Finally, personalized tributes. We can create a personalized tribute according to your tastes, priorities and needs.  See the "memorial services" section for more information.