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Nos complexes funéraires

Our funeral complexes

We understand the importance of this stage of your life, that is why MAGNUS POIRIER has deployed an entire network of warm and multifunctional Funeral Complexes.

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Conseillers multilingues

Multilingual counsellors

Our counsellors are able to help you in your language. We speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Vietnamese. Call us for immediate assistance at 1-888-727-2847.

Service de navette

Shuttle service

The cemetery offers a free shuttle service  between Montreal and Laval Cemetery three days a week.

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Aquamation service


A cremation without fire

Aquamation is a new process that uses water to dissolve the body instead of fire. The remains are then crushed and, as during cremation, the ashes* are handed over to the family.

Accessible to all.

Magnus Poirier offers this service newly. Contact us for more information


* Ashes: body residue resulting from the cremation or aquamation of a body containing all its bone fragments reduced to powder by grinding.


Préarrangement funéraire