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Nos complexes funéraires

Our funeral complexes

We understand the importance of this stage of your life, that is why MAGNUS POIRIER has deployed an entire network of warm and multifunctional Funeral Complexes.

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Conseillers multilingues

Multilingual counsellors

Our counsellors are able to help you in your language. We speak French, English, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Romanian, Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin) and Vietnamese. Call us for immediate assistance at 1-888-727-2847.

Service de navette

Shuttle service

The cemetery offers a free shuttle service  between Montreal and Laval Cemetery three days a week.

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Burial service

Previously, the burial of bodies or ashes consisted of placing the remains of a deceased person in the ground, in what was called a "grave." Today, when we talk about burial of the body or the ashes, many more options are available:

Burial of a body

The casket may be placed:

  • in the ground in a plot
  • in a concrete crypt in a garden setting (in the ground)
  • or, finally, in a crypt (also called "tomb") inside a mausoleum.

Burial of ashes

The urn may be placed:

  • in the ground in a plot

  • in the niche of a columbarium inside a mausoleum (cemetery)

  • in the niche of an outdoor columbarium (cemetery)

  • at the base of a commemorative tree (cemetery)

  • inside a columbarium bench (cemetery)

  • or in a columbarium in a funeral complex

Scattering of ashes

The ashes can also be scattered in a family plot, in a registered cemetery garden plot, at the base of a memorial or commemorative tree or at any other site chosen by the family.

A respectful tribute

Your Magnus Poirier advisor is there to help you plan the funeral you want and to fully coordinate the process and procedures with the required suppliers: church, religious or lay leader, florist, singer and musician, caterer, cemetery and more.

Whatever funeral protocol you chose – burial, niche, scattering of the ashes – it will be carried out in a respectful, meditative and dignified setting.

To learn more about the body and ash disposal options that are available to you, please visit the Laval Cemetery* website.


* Since 1980, the Laval Cemetery has been managed by the Poirier family.